Among our recoveries are kraak porcelain from the late Ming dynasty, celadon from China and Thai pottery, Chinese pottery and other antique ceramics. Ming dynasty reign marks is included in out expert area so any Ming plates and bowls for sale is furnished with our certificates Nanhai Marine Archaeology Sdn sdn dating. As such, we are known to do proper research based on detailed archaeology about antique Chinese porcelain, celadon, pottery & ceramics from Ming dynasty ships. In addition, we offer interpretation for porcelain marks, antique bowls and plates and kraak porcelain, celadon, Yixing teapots and many other old antique China for sale. We can therefore guarantee legally excavated antiques with absolute authenticity. We, at nanhai marine archaeology are experts of Antique Chinese porcelain in Chinese pottery, antique ceramics and Chinese pottery from ming dynasty pottery and other antique pottery from Ming dynasty shipwrecks. listen to see what the Malaysian Minister for culture say about our work; All these sites are well worth visiting. The Wanli shipwreck,gave us  antique ceramics as well as celadon, yixing teapots and kraak porcelain. At nanhai marine archaeology we deal with antique ceramics and Chinese pottery from ming dynasty shipwrecks. All the work with archaeology and artifact handling is made in collaboration with Malaysia s Department of Museums sdn dating.

Our work also involves interpretation of porcelain marks and historical research at the Jingdezhen kilns in China.   Blue and white porcelain and other shipwreck porcelain and pottery is interpreted with porcelain marks on antique bowls. Shipwreck porcelain and pottery, Jingdezhen porcelain and pottery is our speciality and you can be assured that all our shipwreck pottery and antique Chinese porcelain is genuinely old and historically valuable. If you are interested in genuinely old Chinese porcelain, blue and white porcelain, celadon wares, Chinese pottery, Yixing teapots or other antique pottery or ceramics. Porcelain marks, Royal Nanhai and the Wanli shipwreck provided us with and blue and white porcelain plates. Antique ceramics and celadon ware is our speciality as is blue and white porcelain We sell antique porcelain china and other Chinese antique ceramics as well as antique Chinese pottery. Du kan til enhver tid melde deg av nyhetsbrevet igen. The default shipping method is Registered Air Parcel which is managed by Malaysia’s national post office. We are Swedish maritime enthusiasts that spent the past 40 years researching Asia s maritime trade. We study and offer for sale  Ming dynasty bowls and plates as well as Chinese porcelain antique from antique Jingdezhen porcelain manufacturers.

Jingdezhen porcelain and Ming dynasty porcelain and pottery, antique pottery and porcelain and antique bowls as well as kraak porcelain is available on this site. Antique Chinese porcelain, Ming dynasty pottery and shipwrecks is our passion.   Every parcel we sent can be tracked online..
. sten sjostrand sell old antique porcelain china and more of  antique chinese pottery for sale and help you understand ming dynasty reign marks if you buy ming plates and bowls. SHIPPING ARTEFACTS: All our antique Chinese porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain, Chinese pottery or other Asian art objects and publications will be shipped from our store in Malaysia. The Yixing teapots we find are from the Qing dynasty. Our shipwreck pottery, artifacts and other Ming porcelain and pottery are well researched. We also offer for sale yixing teapots and other Ming dynasty pottery as well as antique pottery and  Jingdezhen porcelain from ming dynasty shipwrecks. We also have old yixing  teapots, Jingdezhen porcelain and kraak porcelain and kraak plate for sale. .


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